HP PageWide Consolidates Printers to Streamline Workflow

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HP will soon introduce a highly efficient and cost-effective end-to-end solution for large-format print workflow with their new line of large-format printers featuring HP PageWide technology.

For years, many businesses that use large-format printers have had to rely on two printers to get the job done. One LED printer and a separate Inkjet printer. LED’s have been an important piece of equipment in many work environments because of their fast printing speeds and low cost-per-copy. But there’s just one problem, they usually don’t print color. This has created the need to also own an inkjet printer for color prints, however, the drawback is that they are slower and less cost-effective to run.

With these two types of printers in use, printing mixed projects can be very inefficient and time consuming. Color pages need to be separated from black & white pages, even if they are part of the same file. The pages then need to be printed separately to the correct type of printer and once that’s done, the operator still needs to manually collate each page. This slows down your process and results in longer turnaround times, higher costs and a higher risk of error.

HP has reinvented printing with it’s breakthrough HP PageWide technology. Their line of large-format printers featuring PageWide Technology combines the speed and efficiency of an LED printer with the color quality and capabilities of an Inkjet into one machine that offers the same low cost-per-square-foot for color prints as it does for black & white prints.

With this great new solution, there’s no longer a need to purchase, maintain and store two separate printers. Having an all-in-one printer also means savings in printing supplies and simplified logistics. Users will no longer need to separate color pages from black & white or manually collate the finished product and the same workflow solution can be used to manage all the pages in a project. Now you can produce prints faster and with less manual labor involved which means shorter turnaround times, lower costs and fewer errors.

Why continue using two separate printers if you can have an end-to-end solution that does it all? Les Olson Company is proud to be an authorized dealer for HP PageWide printers. Learn how HP’s line of Large-format Printers with HP PageWide technology can simplify your workflow and make your business more efficient.

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