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HP Pagewide XL

HP will soon bring its game-changing HP PageWide technology to a new line of large-format printers unlike any you’ve seen before.

With the vivid colors and dark blacks of HP pigment ink and space for up to 6 paper rolls, these large-format printers with HP PageWide technology will do the work of two printers, better and faster. Combine that with astounding print speeds of up to 30 A1 D-sized pages per minute and these new HP printers will surely be the top choice for those searching the large format market.

The print bar enabling the breakthrough speeds is stationary, with more than 200,000 nozzles spanning the width of the page. These nozzles are separated into 8 identical printhead modules providing 120 nozzles per inch and per color. The entire page is printed in one pass helping to enable the high print speed.

It’s been engrained in many generations of professionals that color printing is much too expensive for every-day use and black & white printing should be done unless there’s an absolute necessity for color prints. This extremely important new technology is altering this long-held notion. With PageWide technology, HP gives you the ability to print color line drawings for the same price as black & white ones. Yes, that’s right. These new PageWide systems will print color line drawings as well as black & white line drawings at the same price per square foot. It’s a competitive cost per square foot and HP is committed to passing on those savings to consumers. So let’s talk about why it matters that you can now print in color so cost effectively.

Studies have proven the accuracy of communication to teams involved increase an overall savings of 10% if the line drawing is printed in color. Ten percent savings on a project means a healthier bottom line per project in a competitive landscape. Every aspect of a project, particularly in the engineering and architecture sectors, are affected by the information that color lines communicate.

Giving customers color print savings gives HP a competitive edge. More importantly, HP realized that by removing the barrier to color printing, companies would ultimately experience the 10% project savings previously mentioned and thereby become the biggest winners and loyal users.

Another time-saving feature built into these new PageWide printers is the ability to switch between loaded rolls. Depending on the model of printer, you can have up to 6 paper rolls loaded at one time, all ready for effortless printing. With switches between loaded rolls timing in at under 5 seconds, those jobs requiring more than one paper source can be completed efficiently without the need for a manual change – which can be quite time consuming.

Some currently available large-format models offer print speeds of 2 A1 D-sized pages per minute, compared to Pagewide’s speed of up to 30 A1 D-sized pages that’s a substantial difference that can empower professionals in high-volume environments to do more than ever before. That speed paired with fast drying high-quality pigment ink provides the quality of prints you expect, delivered faster than you ever thought possible.

A high-performance machine will naturally require high-performance supplies which is why HP’s pigment ink supports fast, high-quality printing build to keep up with the Pagewide machine of your choice. Need crisp lines, minute detail and smooth grayscales? HP PageWide XL pigment ink gives you moisture and fade-resistant prints that dry fast, setting a new quality standard for creating durable prints at impressive speeds.

The printheads also provide long-life operation with average life of 32 liters per printhead. Nozzle status is detected by sensors housed in the service station were necessary corrections and cleaning are performed automatically. The printheads and HP pigment inks are designed to specifically extend time between service cycles.

Currently there are only 47 strategic partners with HP across the United States that will have rights to distribute these exciting new printers. The selected strategic partners meet rigorous criteria including having certified HP Pagewide technicians on staff and parts available for same day service requests.

Les Olson Company will be a proud authorized dealer of HP’s new PageWide large-format printers, which are expected to be available later this year.

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