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We are proud to offer customers another quality solution for managing document workflow, eFileCabinet Desktop, an on-premise paperless office system. eFileCabinet is affordable, and many organizations have seen a return on investment in a little over a month. Streamline processes and improve the bottom line by improving the storage, retrieval and sharing of documents.

The addition of eFileCabinet to our product line is exciting because of its intuitive user interface, easy installation, and simple configuration. This sophisticated, yet simple document management system helps organizations with two key objectives:

Increase efficiency of document workflow:

Did you know the average organization spends $6 in handling for every $1 spent on printed documents? Many organizations are still filing documents the old-fashioned way, or storing documents on their computers in a disorganized, confusing, and unproductive way.

eFileCabinet allows users to manage documents in a more efficient and secure way by storing and organizing documents directly on their computers, and eliminating many manual steps involved with traditional document storage. It also offers many other workflow features including systematically routing documents, file versioning, templates, QuickBooks integration, and  much more. eFileCabinet improves document workflow in these key areas:


  • Allows users to file documents electronically in a familiar and intuitive environment, which includes virtual “Cabinets,” “Drawers,” “Folders,” and “Files”
  • Creating new cabinets and drawers to fit your organization’s specific workflow needs is incredibly simple and fast
  • Store by scanning or printing documents directly into eFileCabinet or dragging and dropping from your desktop
  • Microsoft Office Integration allows you to send documents to eFileCabinet directly from popular programs like Outlook and Excel


  • Easily share files securely using the SecureDrawer feature
  • Drag and drop or right click documents to send
  • Email directly from eFileCabinet, no 3rd-party email application required


  • No rummaging through filing cabinets; eFileCabinet allows users to search all drawers, folders and files to quickly and easily locate documents
  • Advanced search capabilities help you narrow down your search by date, name, text within the document, users, cabinets, and much more
  • Easily preview documents within eFileCabinet

Reduced risk associated with paper filing:

There are many vulnerabilities that threaten the important documents of today’s organizations. One of the most common, but easily addressed issues is human error. Many documents are lost, misfiled or misplaced. In fact, the average organization loses 1 out of every 20 documents. That is no small number, and eFileCabinet helps prevent loss of documents by addressing the causes of inefficient filing and storage practices.

eFileCabinet also helps protect your documents from getting into the wrong hands. Administrators can add users, create user groups, and set permissions to create role-based security that ensures confidential files remain confidential. In addition, audit logs track actions inside the program to help businesses that need to comply with HIPPA SEC and FINRA.

Paper files are always at risk of loss due to fire, flood, earthquake or event theft. Storing files electronically helps to ensure they will be backed up in the event of a disaster, so your business doesn’t experience costly downtime.

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