Mobile Device Management (MDM): What You Need to Know in Today’s BYOD World

mobile device management

Mobile technologies are changing the way we do business. There are so many benefits to empowering your workforce with mobile solutions that enhance productivity. You have the ability to access data, and even work remotely. Everyone agrees, mobile + business = good things, but managing the flow of information to and from these many devices can be a big job.

Let’s Talk Mobile Device Management

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It helps you keep business information secure, while helping your employees separate work from play on their smartphones and tablets. Remotely control which business data & apps your employees can access from their devices. You can limit access based on location, or completely wipe a device of business data in the event of a breach.

It’s hard to avoid BYOD (bring-your-own-device) in the workplace. But you can still ensure business information accessed from these devices is secure. Let your staff use the devices they love, and keep your information secure.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employees are able to use the devices they already know and love, rather than devices issued to them through work. It’s no surprise that employees prefer to use their own devices of choice, but it can also make them more responsive and productive to work within an operating system they are familiar with.

Remote Management

Having the ability to monitor and manage mobile devices remotely helps your business ensure the security of the network by allowing you to enforce  security policies, disconnect unauthorized users, and disable applications as needed.

Increased Engagement

Employees are more likely to engage and communicate while away from their desks when they are empowered with the tools they need to access work-related programs and information on their mobile devices. This increases productivity and communication between employees.

Save Money

In many cases, Mobile Device Management can save businesses money by eliminating the need to purchase devices specifically for employee use at work. With Mobile Device Management, your employees bring their own devices, which also means they will generally have more current technology, since upgrades won’t be done on your dime.

Data Backup

Prevent mobile devices from being a source of data loss or breach. Data associated with your business applications are backed up. Since devices and apps can be disabled or removed in the event of loss and theft, your data stays out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have it.


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