PANTONE Color Matching Now on Sharp Color Advanced, Color Essentials Series Copiers

pantone color matching

Have you ever sent something to the printer, only to realize that the color that you THOUGHT you printed is totally different on paper? That can be incredibly annoying. Thankfully, Sharp has introduced a new feature to ensure that your prints will stay true to the color that they need to be.

Sharp recently announced that all models of their Color Advanced and Color Essential Series Multi-function Copiers will now include PANTONE color matching. This new feature is certain to improve color consistency and quality and will be a welcome addition for any color-critical office environment.

PANTONE’s expert color analysts have tuned the PANTONE colors for the Sharp MFPs to ensure accurate colors without extensive color expertise or the use of workflow software. PANTONE is used in many industries including graphic arts, interior design, industrial design, just to name a few.

The addition of PANTONE Color Matching to Sharp’s Color Advanced and Color Essential MFPs will also allow businesses to stay true to their corporate colors on everyday print materials.

If your business relies on producing professional-looking prints with color accuracy, consider a Sharp MFP. Sharp’s Color Advanced and Color Essential series also boasts many other advanced features to help your business stay productive.

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