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Get the Expert Technical Support Your Business Needs with Managed IT Services

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Les Olson Company was awarded Best of State for Computer Network Solutions.

managed it services remote monitoring and management

We provide remote monitoring of your network to identify potential issues & address them quickly.

managed it services desktop and server support

We provide proactive monitoring, management & maintenance of computers & servers.

managed it services 24 hour support

Offering plans that include 24-hour IT Support, so you don’t have downtime, even at 2 A.M.

2017 Best of State Winner for Computer Network Solutions2017 Best of State Winner, Computer Network Solutions

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Why Managed IT Services?


Some Things are Better Left to the Experts

We provide a holistic approach to IT services. Whether you need us to build your IT infrastructure from the ground up, or your IT staff just needs a helping hand – our expert team is here to meet your exact needs. From small to large businesses and everything in between, our program is designed with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service as well as proactive technical support, monitoring, maintenance, and management of your network. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of network security and performance to eliminate downtime and the complications that can result from network issues.

Managed IT Services Utah Business
Desktop Technical Support

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Managed IT Services Server Support
Server Care

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Managed IT Services Project Support
Project-based Support

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Managed IT Services Network Security Services
Network Security Services

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Managed IT Services Mobile Device Management

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Complete IT Services for Business

Through Managed IT Services our award-winning team of IT consultants provide proactive remote monitoring and management, so we’re able to keep tabs on your IT infrastructure 24×7, 365 days a year. If a problem does arise, our technical support experts can quickly resolve it, in many cases before you’re even aware that there was a problem at all – resulting in significantly less down time.

Benefits of Managed IT Services:

  • Protects your business network, data and documents
  • Prevents downtime caused by network issues
  • Expertise helps you stay ahead of changing technology
  • You and your employees can focus on what you do best
  • Tailored to meet your business needs and goals
  • Predictable monthly IT costs
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Our Expertise

  • Network Security

  • Management of Updates

  • Off-site Backup

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Data & Internet Services

  • Anti-virus Management

  • Desktop & Server Support

  • Management of Network-connected Devices

  • Project-based Support

  • Remote Helpdesk & Onsite Support

  • Network Administration

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Services

  • Telecom Services

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