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Why is Printing Internally Better than Outsourcing?

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In this fast paced world, we often want our lives to run as efficiently and cheaply as possible. The way we print things is no exception. When it comes to printing there are usually two different options; outsourcing and in-sourcing. As an intern who is new to the printing industry, I didn’t know much about the

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4 Web Printing Hacks to Save Money

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Did you know that it's becoming more common for employees to print from the internet? If you've ever printed from a web browser, you know that it can be extremely wasteful - printing blank pages and pages with content you don't need or want. By now it's no surprise that wasteful printing means wasted

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Cut Printing Costs by Changing Print Defaults

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PRINT DOUBLE-SIDED If you think about it, you can actually reduce your paper consumption by HALF if you make double-sided printing a regular practice in your office. Paper is expensive so that's no small accomplishment. To cut printing costs, it's as simple as selecting the double-sided option when you print. You can even make