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If you’re looking to replace your office technology or perhaps purchase new technology, you’re probably wondering whether it’s best to lease or purchase the equipment outright. While there are good reasons to choose either option, there are many benefits to leasing. Because technology is constantly changing at a rapid pace, leasing your business technology is a great option that allows for consistent and cost-effective technology upgrades. Les Olson Company offers many leasing options, including Revco Leasing Company, our exclusive in-house leasing partner.

Is leasing right for your business?

  • Working capital can be conserved and invested in your business
  • Keep your technology current; seamlessly upgrade or add products to your lease through Les Olson Company
  • Get newer, more sophisticated technology. Profit and productivity are achieved through the immediate availability and use of the equipment
  • Purchase option can be exercised at any time
  • Accounting and depreciation are simplified
  • Today’s prices can be locked in

Our Leasing Partners

  • De Lage Landen (DLL)
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • GE
  • Revco Leasing Company
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