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formax document & Data Descruction

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Formax Document & Data Destruction

Let us help you protect your sensitive documents and data. We offer a whole line of Document & Data Destruction solutions from Formax, from desk-side to industrial solutions.

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Mailing Solutions for All Businesses

Les Olson Company offers Formax Data Destruction solutions including; a complete line of commercial document shredders, hard drive punch solutions and optical media destruction solutions for securely destroying thumb drives, disks, multimedia, and more.

Desk-side Shredders

formax desk-side Shredder data destruction

Office Shredders

formax office shredders data destruction

Industrial Shredders

formax Industrial Shredders data destruction

High-security Shredders

high security shredders

Hard Drive Punch

hard drive punch

Casino Shredders

Casino Shredder

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