2017 Summer Business Food & Fund Drive Sponsorship

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    Project Description

    Summer Business Food & Fund DriveFor most people, summer is a time for fun and relaxation. Unfortunately for some kids and their families, summer means worrying about whether there will be enough to eat. With many children losing access to school lunch and breakfast programs, more families make emergency food requests to help stretch their budgets. That’s why Les Olson Company is proud to sponsor Utah Food Bank’s annual Summer Business Food & Fund Drive, to encourage businesses and community groups across Utah to host their own food and fund drives during this critical time of need.

    In addition to Les Olson Company’s sponsorship, our wonderful employees gave generously to Utah Food Bank by donating food, time, and money during our office food drive.

    Together they were able to donate over $24,000 and 4,000 food items. In addition they volunteered over for 360 collective hours in Utah Food Bank’s warehouse, and making food deliveries to senior citizens.

    Volunteering at Utah Food Bank

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