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Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

If the power in your office fails tonight, and all of your computers crash, how quickly can you recover? And more importantly, at what cost? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 93% of companies that experience a disaster go out of business within 5 years – even if they can recover in the short term.

In today’s always-on business landscape, maintaining an effective backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy is becoming more important than ever before. Data is playing an increasingly critical role in decision-making processes, and the costs and risks associated with downtime are skyrocketing – not to mention the damage your brand and reputation can suffer in the event of a disaster.

We’re here to ensure your business doesn’t become another statistic. Our business continuity solutions are about more than just backup –  designed to quickly revive your network following any unplanned downtime, and ensure your employees are operating productively in almost no time at all.

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Is it Really Necessary?


of companies fail within 5 years of data loss. Even if they recover in the short term.


of companies never recover from large-scale data loss, going out of business within a year.


The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%

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What you should know about Backup & Disaster Recovery

Giving You Peace of Mind

IT has a tough job protecting exploding growth in data, storage, and servers while also balancing limited staff and budgets. As business operations rely even more heavily on IT infrastructures, services level agreements (SLAs) are requiring faster recovery times and more granular recovery. Meeting these objectives requires more than just backup. Businesses need protection for data and servers, physical and virtual, as well as disaster recovery plans with off-site or cloud backup. We provide some of the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for backup, archiving, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Consider it Insurance, Protecting Your Data From:


  • Physical and virtual appliances built for easy recovery
  • Recovery assurance (with reliable DR)
  • P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P
  • Dissimilar bare metal
  • Instant Recovery of VMware, Hyper-V and Windows

Agile & Adaptable

  • On-premise protection for fast recovery
  • Local archiving for long-term retention
  • Off-site replication, including to the cloud
  • Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Services

Unified Data Protection

  • All-in-one solution – integrated backup, replication and instant recovery
  • Adaptive deduplication
  • File compression and encryption
  • Incremental forever, as often as 15 minutes


  • Protects over 120 operating system versions – physical, virtual and deep virtual
  • Single page of glass for easy management

Are you ready to protect your most vital asset?

Les Olson Company offers a wide range of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure your important data is protected.