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In this day and age, computers are one of the most important tools your business can invest in. Les Olson Company will work with you to find the right computers so that everyone on your team has the best solution for their needs. Les Olson Company carries HP’s line of quality business computers; from the high-performance computing provided by a tower, to the simplified management of a thin-client, and the portable convenience of a laptop.

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HP Desktop Computers and Workstations

Desktop PCs

HP’s line of Desktop PCs offer a long, stable lifecycle, while meeting everyday business needs with performance and reliability. Desktop PCs are ideal for knowledge workers and back-office workers who need reliable, simple, and secure PC solutions that enable efficiency and productivity.

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HP Laptop Computers and Notebooks


HP’s high-quality laptops combine performance with the convenience of portability. Allow your employees to work hard from wherever they are. Many businesses can benefit from portable computing, which means more flexibility and opportunities for collaboration.

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HP Thinclient Computers

Thin Clients

HP Thin Client hardware and software solutions are tailored for your end-user’s unique needs. Whether you’re providing for a graphic designer, financier, programmer, engineer, everyday user or road warrior, we have your virtual solution. HP Thin Clients are secure and reliable and are easy to manage.

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Custom Computer Build Services

Custom Build

For businesses that demand enhanced performance from their computers, Les Olson Company offers custom-build solutions. Whether your computer needs to handle large files, or complex graphics, we’ll analyse your requirements and put together the right components to meet your needs.

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Innovative, reliable, secure. It’s your virtual computing world, we just deliver real business results for you.

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