Sharp Scan2 Technology

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Sharp Scan2 Technology

Sharp Scan2 Technology


  • Increased efficiency and productivity in the office (less time at machine)
  • Integrity of original is maintained because it does not have to travel through the rollers of the machine twice
  • Standard tandem copy/print capability (N-versions) over the network allows users to connect two multifunction document systems in different locations and copy/print simultaneously

Scanning to E-mail

  • Time Savings: Administrators can link their network’s e-mail address book to the scanning solution, so they need not manually enter the network e-mail addresses book into the digital copier/scanner
  • Ability to enter “subject” and “cc” fields from control panel
  • Security: Sender authentication is password-protected via the organization’s Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Users must enter their network e-mail password in order to scan

Scanning to Desktop

  • Sharpdesk® software enables users to run OCR, file and manage documents from their desktop. Software also allows users to search and index files for later retrieval

Document Filing

  • Ability to store up to 20,000 pages on machine’s hard drive (N-version)
  • Password-protect and name folders
  • Set print properties and change properties via Web page to ensure optimum output of scanned documents
  • Search folders and documents securely and directly from control panel

Document Archiving

  • When coupled with Sharp OSA®-embedded applications, it enables users to capture, organize and retrieve documents quickly and easily
  • Powerful indexing capability makes it easy to find stored documents
  • Print, fax or e-mail documents for instant distribution and added efficiency