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Enhance Your Scan Workflows with Drivve Image Scanning Software

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Optimize Scanned Documents & Scanning Processes

Drivve Image is a high performance, feature-rich scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your scan workflows into your document infrastructure. Drivve Image optimizes business processes through intelligent & secure capture, processing and distribution of your documents. You can customize its performance to the needs of your business, ensuring you’ll find your scanned documents – optimized, and enriched by relevant data, within seconds.

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Drivve Image Scanning Software

Take your imaging workflow to the next level.

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Reduce Costs

  • Save time and money by processing documents faster
  • Eliminate document shipping costs through distributed scanning
  • Reduce hardcopy document storage costs
  • Automate and standardize document naming
  • Do more with less people

Increase Productivity

  • Accelerate the processing, filing and distribution of paper documents
  • Automate the capture of key business data
  • Eliminate error-prone manual data entry
  • Find documents in seconds
  • Create personalized workflow profiles

Enhance Security

  • Never lose an important document again
  • Control user access to workflows at the MFP
  • Apply document level security and control
  • Supports full digital rights management
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance and corporate governance

Simplify Usability

  • The simplest, easy-to-use app for your MFP
  • Embedded interface for leading MFPs and network scanners
  • One-touch image capture and routing
  • Quick 3-step workflow creation – input/processing/output
  • Install, configure and deploy quickly

Powerful Tools

  • Build complex workflow processes in seconds
  • Parallel processing makes high-volume document capture a breeze
  • Works with any scan device
  • Scales with your business

Output Management

  • Centralized administration allows for simultaneous updates of all MFPs
  • Bi-directional connectors to key business systems
  • Send images directly to your document management system
  • Integrate to your business applications and any ODBC compliant database
  • Link to your existing email and fax systems

Ready to supercharge your scanning capabilities?