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Advanced Internet Fax Delivery System by GoldFax

GoldFax eliminates all of the limitations of conventional paper-based fax devices by significantly improving your fax document productivity, security, and compliance, all while reducing your overall operational costs. GoldFax is the ultimate internet fax solution for fax delivery, giving you enterprise fax server functionality at a small business price. GoldFax network faxing allows you to use server-based technology to send, receive, organize, manage and store faxes for your entire enterprise. You no longer have to print out documents and lose quality, security, and privacy. Make your office more productive and never wait by the fax machine again.

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Enterprise Fax Server Solution

GoldFax customers range from small and medium to Fortune 1000 companies and government organizations worldwide. The power of the GoldFax fax server will meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise requirements, yet is affordable for all small and medium businesses. Enterprise-class internet fax solutions don’t need enterprise price tags with lengthy and expensive deployments.

User Benefits

  • Easy to use – if you can print, use email or use a browser – you can use GoldFax
  • Outbound Faxing – Directly fax PC documents like Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Inbound Faxing – Receive inbound faxes via email
  • Remote Faxing – Receive and send faxes remotely, even from hand held devices
  • Automatic Fax Cover Sheets – Faster faxing, enforce, organization standards
  • Email Notification – No longer wait at the fax device to make sure the fax was successfully sent

Network Admin Benefits

  • Easy to Purchase and Deploy – Install GoldFax on any Windows server, a dedicated server is not required. A pre-configured appliance (Dell or HP) is also available. The GoldFax License includes unlimited users
  • Easy to Install and Manage – Faster deployment
  • Manager Program and Reports – Check status of fax jobs and generate usage reports
  • Email Integration Without Aggravation – GoldFax easily integrates with any email environment. No software to install on the email server or plugins
  • MFP Integration – Walk-up faxing for any MFP without expensive fax bills or direct fax lines. Connectors for Sharp OSA, HP DSS, eCopy and more

Management Benefits

  • Reduce Telephone Costs – Consolidate separate fax lines with fewer shared lines. Provide personal fax numbers to key people and departments using DID through your phone system. More fax numbers at a lower cost
  • Reduce Paper, Toner and Customer Service Costs – Inbound faxes can be routed to email. Send faxes without printing. Reduce waste and save money while helping the environment
  • Improve Productivity and Customer Service – Inbound faxes can be automatically delivered to user’s email. Faxing directly from any desktop application
  • Security, Compliance and Auditing – Track and control who sends and receives faxes for improved security and compliance (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, Gramm-Leach-Billey, Etc.) Automatic archiving of all received and sent faxes

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