Document Management by DocuWare

Document Management is the capture, storage and retrieval of documents. While every organization does this in one way or another, this process is not always done in the most efficient, secure way. This can lead to lost documents, wasted hours manually filing or searching for documents, and wasted office space. Unlike a filing cabinet, DocuWare’s Document Management software securely stores your documents into electronic folders that can be indexed and searched by many criteria such as customer name and invoice number.

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Why is document management important?

Documents on Demand, Costs Under Control

More than 14,000 companies trust DocuWare for managing their most critical documents. When you partner with Les Olson Company and DocuWare, you join the thousands of industry leaders who have already discovered how the industry’s best Enterprise Content Management Platform improves operations at every level of their organization.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple administration
  • Rapid integration
  • Absolute data security
  • Flexible scalability
  • Centralized document storage
  • Store in digital file cabinets
  • Extremely organized files
  • Intelligent indexing learns as it goes
  • Useful information at your fingertips
  • Access documents from your computer, phone, tablet and the web

Did you know that on average, employees spend 50% of their time just searching for documents and information?

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