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LOC Security SuiteSecurity Suite

Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for endpoint management, advanced threat intelligence, reporting to ensure compliance, and more.


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security suite Insight


  • True risk & vulnerability management through continuous, active monitoring.

  • Risk scores and tickets allow prioritized work on endpoints that are most vulnerable.

  • Risk-based views of security gaps to separate false positives from active threats.

  • Identify common factors and patterns that are lowering risk scores across multiple systems.

  • & more…

Security Suite Defend


  • Automate and easily implement advanced operations without the need for in-house security expertise.

  • Rapidly identify and respond to thousands of virus and malware variants.

  • Robust roll-back functions through comprehensive tracking of changes at the endpoint.

  • Identify the root causes of malicious behaviors by quickly diagnosing source processes and applications.

  • Reduce false positives and ensure comprehensive protection through SOC analysis of quarantined applications and files.

  • & more…

Security Suite Compliance


  • We monitor key log files to identify and correlate events that could be malicious, while providing additional security and adherence to common regulatory requirements.

  • Quickly detect and address changes in systems and user behaviors with real-time processing and advanced correlation rules for intrusions & insider threats.

  • Quick and accurate detection of threats on your network by integrating with valuable threat data feeds from ecosystem partners and open source providers.

  • Adheres to log management and threat analysis requirements for 23 regulatory standards.

  • & more…

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